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8 Tips On How To Buy A Printer

Belong in time, printers evolution surprised us in many good ways. They make us very special when our photographs or pictures are absolutely perfect. So all of us have one print for helping our work (if we are at office – to print documents or at home – for spending good moments).
Printers help us when we have a problem with the time (buying one with speed and we are saved).
Because they are so many and each one has more or less a variety of functions, we have some difficulties when buy them.
For help us in buying a good print we have the CISS (which is the best friend who shared the secrets):
1.  One of the important is to pay attention to consumables.
2.  Not buy the printers using consumables with the head „built in”.
3.  If we have to choose between printer or multifunction device, who are the best? Ou Multifunction is better for save you money and for helping to scan or make a copy. They are very intelligent.
4.  Inkjet or laser? The inkjet print are very good because is flexible and cheap, and the other is generally only on plain paper.
5. How to choose a printer / MFC for home? Our problem are solved if we know our needs. So if we want cheap equipments, efficiency we most to choose Canon MG5150/MG5250 and CISS Epson SX235/SX425/SX525.
6. For the office the perfect choice is CISS HP Officejet 6500.
7. For the photographers or passionate in photography the best recommendation is Epson Stylus Photo P50 / Canon Pixma iP4850 / 4950 (printers) and CISS Canon MG5250 / Epson PX720/820 (multifunction).
8. In case you need any questions for printers don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to CISS team.

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